Dolcevita Memory Breeze


Motorized mattress with remote control, with 7 different areas in Memory Breeze.
Fit for any kind of support.

Fabric BioSan
Removable cover - Washable 30°

The articulated mattress Dolcevita is the only integrated system using latest-generation technology to meet any need of comfort and well-being. Thanks to its stabilising bar, the Dolcevita mattress does not ned any net because it can be placed on any support.

Thanks to its International Patent, Dolcevita is surely of the leading products in the sector and offers high safety, functionality and robustness standards. Unique characteristics, together with the highest comfort for a perfect relax.

Resistance : Balanced
Materials : Memory Breeze, Memory HD, Pur-O

1 - Memory Breeze
MemoryBreeze is the advanced foam with all the “memory” characteristics of the popular Memory Foam, but featuring an open cell structure that ensures faster return to the original shape, thus allowing for excellent circulation of moisture and making the mattress more breathable. MemoryBreeze perfectly adapts to the shape of your body while sleeping and is very resistant and hard-wearing, thanks to its high density.
MemoryBreeze is comfortable and has elastic properties that ensure your spine stays in the right position, as well as supporting pressure points.

2 - Memory HD
High-density Memory HD supports the body by reducing pressure points and providing better quality sleep. This feature of Memory foam ensures the mattress is comfortable, elastic and supportive, as well as long-lasting.

3 - Pur-O
Pur-O is a clean foam that features ergonomics, elasticity and breathability, and provides restful sleep and well-being.

4 - Articulated base


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