Perfecto Soft


Perfect is the ideal mattress for those users who are constantly looking for a highly fresh and innovative product. Fit for any kind of support.

Fabric BioSan
Removable cover - Washable 30°

Perfecto is the new innovative mattress realised with 3 layers of different materials having 9 different areas.
The first layer in Memory Breeze is in contact with your body and offers you the highest comfort, the second
layer in DryTech guarantees a constant air exchange and the third layer in Pur-O is highly elastic and resistant to deformations.

Resistance : Soft
Materials : Memory Breeze, DryTech, Pur-O

Memory Breeze
MemoryBreeze is the advanced foam with all the “memory” characteristics of the popular Memory Foam, but featuring an open cell structure that ensures faster return to the original shape, thus allowing for excellent circulation of moisture and making the mattress more breathable. MemoryBreeze perfectly adapts to the shape of your body while sleeping and is very resistant and hard-wearing, thanks to its high density.
MemoryBreeze is comfortable and has elastic properties that ensure your spine stays in the right position, as well as supporting pressure points.

DryTech is a fully open cell foam (with high reticulation), guaranteeing thermal insulation between the support used and the body temperature.
With its structure, DryTech provides constant air renewal to the body as it moves, guaranteeing maximum breathability. Indeed, the moisture generated by the body while sleeping goes through the open cells of the grid-like structure and quickly evaporates.
DryTech is an excellent sleeping system, utterly comfortable, thanks to its elasticity, support and non-deformable material.

Pur-O is a clean foam that features ergonomics, elasticity and breathability, and provides restful sleep and well-being.


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