Elegance 800


Elegance is the ideal mattress for those users who are constantly looking for a quality and beautiful

Fabric Seta
Imbottitura Hypoallergenic fiber
Removable cover - Dry cleaning

Mattress conceived and manufactured for everybody's comfort. Elegance does not confine itself to  supporting your resting body, but "experiences" it, interprets it and gives unique feelings.

Resistance : Firm
Coverings : Hypoallergenic
Materials : Memory Breeze, Spring 800, Technical Foam

1- Memory Breeze
MemoryBreeze is the advanced foam with all the “memory” characteristics of the popular Memory Foam, but featuring an open cell structure that ensures faster return to the original shape, thus allowing for excellent circulation of moisture and making the mattress more breathable. MemoryBreeze perfectly adapts to the shape of your body while sleeping and is very resistant and hard-wearing, thanks to its high density.
MemoryBreeze is comfortable and has elastic properties that ensure your spine stays in the right position, as well as supporting pressure points.

2 - 800 Independent Springs
Independent springs are the evolution of traditional springs. They are individually enclosed inside wear-resistant bags and each one of them works independently. When subjected to stress, only the pressed springs go down, without involving the others.
The various diameters of the steel wire create areas with different stiffness levels, improving the anatomical design of the mattress and assuring a better response to pressure. Pocket spring mattresses (about 800 springs in the double version) adapt to the natural shape of the spine and prevent the compression of blood vessels.

3 - Technical Foam
Technical Foam is an extremely versatile polymer used to create a wide range of products. Indeed, many essential items for our daily well-being are made with the numerous components of the polyurethane family.
Thanks to modern technology, today we can make foams with an expanding agent of natural origin.
This new generation of products is very different from those of a few years ago, as they have no inorganic fillers or substances harmful to the environment, plus they are hypoallergenic, resistant and ergonomic. Another important feature is the high non-deformability associated with a good level of elasticity and excellent breathability. Indeed, good foam must absorb moisture and release it in a short time.


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