Wellness - Memory Compact


A mattress offering balanced and ergonomic support.
The flexible foam base can be used in the summer to be less enveloping and therefore creating less sensati on of warmth. The winter side, on the other hand, is comprised of 5 cm of textured Memory, plus 2 cm of quilted diamond pattern.

The Memory Compact cover is made with Techno-fibres.
In texti les, techno-fibres have the advantage of being resistant to moisture, bacteria and mould, their appearance
remains unaltered and they wear much less than natural fibres. The padding is composed of Memory on the winter sire and fibre on the summer side. The advantages of Memory Compact:

  • thanks to Memory in the padding, it offers bett er comfort when you rest
  • longer lasting
Resistance : Balanced
Support : Flexible Foam
Coverings : Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial
Materials : Memory, Flexible Foam

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