Core 10


WaterGel® high density foam is made with an exclusive technology, unequalled by most of the fl exible foams currently used.
Dimensions cm 72x42x10

Core Memory
Central core WaterGel
Inner upholstery Jersey Cotone
Outer upholstery Tencel
Washable lining 40°

Idormibene pillows are made of Memory Foam combined with WaterGel®, an innovative technology that gives an intense feeling of freshnessWaterGel® is highly breathable, environmentally friendly and non-deformable over time.
The "water" effect ensuring relaxing rest and ergonomic shoulder and neck support. Idormibene pillows can be considered suitable for all seasons due to their versatility and are made even more comfortable thanks to the softness of the Tencel® natural fabric which provides an additional pleasant and healthy feeling of freshness.

Coverings : Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial
Materials : Memory, WaterGel

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