Thermo Superior HD - Soft Touch


A mattress designed for individuals with a “heavier” build and for people who love “firm” beds.
4-layer posture double core and 9 different zones;
the central support is customised in the areas of the pelvis, shoulders and calves. The winter side with double Memory layer guarantees a supported sleeping position and high breathability.

The Soft Touch cover is made with Techno-fibres and is a completely non-allergenic lining.
In texti les, Techno-fibres have the advantage of being resistant to moisture, bacteria and mould, their appearance remains unaltered and they are much more resistant to wear than natural fibres. Unpadded covers offer direct contact with the core of the mattress, providing greater appreciation of the posture-related benefits. The advantages of Soft Touch:

  • non-allergenic
  • practical: not bulky, it washes like a regular mattress cover

The Soft Touch cover is not padded and is machine washable.

Resistance : Firm
Support : Flexible Foam
Coverings : Hypoallergenic
Materials : ThermoBreeze, Memory HD, Flexible Foam, Pur-O

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