Superior HD - Comfort Tencel


A mattress designed for individuals with a “heavier” build and for people who love “firm” beds. The central support is provided for the areas of the pelvis, shoulders and calves and the winter side with double Memory layer a guarantees supported sleeping position and high breathability.

Tencel is a natural cellulose fibre obtained from the wood of the Eucalyptus tree, which provides your skin with a feeling of freshness and excellent body moisture control. Its advantages include:

  • eco-sustainable: regenerated by nature
  • complete breathability: it stays dry
  • it improves comfort during rest
  • it improves heat maintenance
  • dry heat for bett er sleep
  • naturally anti-bacterial, it reduces odours

The Comfort Tencel cover is padded with non-allergenic, machine washable fibre.

Resistance : Firm
Support : Flexible Foam
Coverings : Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial
Materials : Viscoelastico Waterlily, Memory HD, Waterlily, Soia

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