Thermo Active - Sanitized


A mattress designed for people who appreciate a balanced and cool sleeping position. Central support is provided by internally-processed high density Flexible Foam; the ThermoBreeze winter side guarantees excellent temperature control.

Moisture and heat are favourable to the quick proliferation of bacteria, thereby causing unpleasant odours in
the bed. The Sanitized® treatment specifically designed a remedy to this problem offering an integrated “deodorant”
hygiene solution, thereby preventing the formation of bacteria in the fabric.
The properties of Sanitized® fabric offer numerous benefits in terms of hygiene:

  • no mites
  • no mildew
  • no bacteria
  • no odours

Long-lasting freshness, comfort and protection approved by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Individuals who suffer from allergies can breathe easy with Sanitized® hygiene agent.
The hygiene protection does not come out with washing and does not fade over time.
The Sanitized® cover is padded with non-allergenic fibre and is machine washable.

Resistance : Firm
Support : Flexible Foam
Coverings : Anti-Mite
Materials : ThermoBreeze, Flexible Foam, Pur-O

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