Terms and conditions

Our company has been in operation since the 1970s and has grown thanks to the commitment of skilled workers who, with the same traditional craftsmanship, have contributed to improving production, constantly renewing their specific skills according to the changing needs of the market and thus offering a series of lines which are constantly confirmed as winning the favour of the public. We thank you for your trust in the products. All our items are subjected to careful checks that guarantee high quality, which, together with the materials we use, ensures that you purchase a product that will last for a long time. The constant and necessary search for quality in our products, a path that we have been following for over 35 years with the pioneering spirit of our predecessors, has led us to create a complete project. The high-quality materials we use and our long experience bring us closer to our primary objective: to improve the quality of life of our customers.

Adjustment period.

It is natural that a period of adaptation to the use of the new mattress is necessary, even more so if a different type of material was used before. Furthermore, understandably, the product will have to adapt to the person who uses it. It is important to point out that materials, such as the Memory Foam, that react to temperature, could suffer slight differences in posture with the change of the seasons. Any odours emitted by the new, newly-purchased product are to be considered "normal" and will disappear over time proportionally to the period of ventilation.

Maintenance rules.

In the first three months after the purchase it is necessary to rotate and flip the mattress at least twice a month, to allow a balanced settling. To ensure hygiene and healthiness, the mattress should be left uncovered for at least 20 minutes a day. It is a good idea to protect the mattress with an easily washable overlay in natural fabric to prevent stains from forming. If the model has a removable cover, it can be removed and washed according to the instructions on the label. Low power vacuum brushes can be used.

What not to do.

The mattress should not be rolled up or folded in order not to damage the inner layers. Do not wet or clean the mattress with steam appliances that would create humidity in the inner layers and a favourable environment for mites. For stain removal, refer to specialised fabric wash centres. The mattress must not be exposed to sources of heat or high temperatures (iron, hairdryer, cigarettes, open flames, etc.). Do not cover the mattress with synthetic materials that prevent transpiration. For safety reasons, do not leave the plastic packaging material covering the mattress within the reach of children.


To provide the most adequate body support, mattress and base must be coordinated. The base must be of good quality, must not have defects and/or deformations, must be made of slats and, in any case, it must always be the same size as the mattress. It is good practice to protect the slats with a cover, as well as the mattress with an easily washable overlay, to guarantee greater hygiene. In the event that a slight depression occurs, it should be remembered that it is a settlement in the areas where the mattress is used the most. The product can undergo this variation in direct consequence of the weight of the person and of the material of which it is made.