Style, Tradition And Development.

History has taught us that in his search for the ideal resting solution, man has always pursued quality. From leather beds to today’s highly accessorised soluti ons, we have always felt the need to recover energy through the best wellness style. Idormibene, founded in the early ‘70s, has grown thanks to the employment of skilled workers, who have consistently renewed their specific areas of expertise based on changing market demands.


Today, through an accurate and intense Research and development process, Idormibene pursues an on-going activity for the manufacture of technologically evolved products that are able to provide maximum comfort. Accordingly, in addition to innovative materials that ensure the best resting conditi ons, Idormibene has created Programmes that provide an extensive choice of the most suitable material, in order to customise each mattress, and achieve "Unparalleled Innovative Rest".

Respectf ul of the environment.

Idormibene designs and manufactures its products entirely in Italy with the maximum attention to every phase of the production process and the environment. In fact, every product is manufactured according to the most advanced processes, respectf ul of the environment and man, certifed in fulfilment of the strictest internati onal regulati ons, guaranteeing last lasting quality and reliability. Today the Idormibene collection is even broader, with new and innovative proposals of textile solutions, thereby offering fully comprehensive professional advice.

The Idormibene bed System.

There is no one matt ress that suits everyone across the board, but there is a bed system that fulfi ls the various needs. Each model offers a different sensation and lift , because everyone’s back is different. Difference in build, weight and sleeping position are the elements that every “sleep specialist” needs to consider to guarantee the customer with the right purchase. With Idormibene’s new “Programmes”, it will be much easier to fulfil the consumer’s requirements, taking into consideration the numerous opportunities of materials and sleeping positions that have been developed, suggesting customised solutions. Accordingly it will be possible to identify the best Bed System which, more than the others, maintains the correct sleeping position and guarantees the best temperature control, breathability and hygiene.