Decor Grafene 800


The Decor mattress in anti-bacterial Graphene fabric, we all know how important hygiene is in our bed, and this innovative technology helps inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses. Customisable according to weight and sleeping position.


Mattress with environmentally sustainable “Graphene inside the future™” technology from a mineral base.
Mattress offered with 800 independent springs. The fabric regulates body temperature in an “adaptive” manner, interacting with the heat that the person radiates in the form of electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum, so the fabric interacts with the external environment and always stays “cool” in summer and “warm” in winter.

Structure composition
3 cm Memory Ice / shaped
800 Independent springs
3 cm Flexible Foam / shaped
Reinforced perimeter box

Summer Side
The odourless, flexible and highly breathable Flexible Foam layer on one of the 2 sides of the spring system is made of natural expanding agents.
The perimeter of the mattress is made of high-density foam for high reinforcement..

Lato Invernale
The Memory ICE layer is perfect for the winter period, in which case it will be a real pleasure to spend the night hours in contact with this temperature-regulating material.
The latter are designed to store human body heat and prevent it from being lost.

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Anti-microbial, Non-removable covers
Covers : Graphene
Materials : Memory Ice, Springs 800, Flexible Foam, Hypoallergenic Fibre

The yarn with “Graphene inside the future™” quality that is distinguished by an international patent; it is of “biomass” origin, i.e. obtained by an industrial process using maize processing waste.
Smart fabrics with Graphene manage heat better, fight bacteria.
These are the smart textiles of the Graphene Inside the Future project, which uses graphene in the textile chain. That is, a material consisting of an atom-thick layer of carbon, as strong as a diamond and as flexible as a plant. Creating textile materials with graphene (yarns, fibres, membranes, wadding, feathers, etc.) has several benefits; for example, good thermoregulation, i.e. the ability to absorb, transmit and dissipate heat. In addition, Graphene is antibacterial: thanks to its structure, it counteracts the reproduction of bacteria, which is why it is popular in the creation of sports-specific clothing. Not only that: Graphene has antistatic effects that prevent the accumulation of electrical charges on the surface of fabrics and makes the fabrics themselves more resistant to wear and tear.
Why choose Decor with Graphene Fabric:
1. Bacteriostatic, Graphene atoms prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and odours. Microbiological laboratory analyses show that the graphenic component in the tissue also provides an anti-viral effect, but the percentage in the tissue must be differentiated. Fabrics do not need to be washed frequently because they will always remain hygienic and free of micro-organisms, saving water, electricity and the environment.
2. An anti-stress effect on the body, its conductivity has an average value of electrical resistance.
3. The presence of Graphene in tissue has been verified and certified by means of a specific laser beam spectroscopy.
4. Graphene yarns have been specially blended with viscose and cotton to give the fabrics a pleasant soft-touch and high breathability. Cotton absorbs excess moisture while viscose removes it due to its “porous” internal structure of wood cellulose.
5. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified, the most restrictive class for consumer and environmental protection, and the products are analysed annually to ensure that they do not contain substances that may be harmful to children under three years of age.

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