Energy Memory


The mattress for dynamic people.
Recovering energy is undoubtedly the key to a busy daily life. Chemical and pharmacological solutions, the use of which is becoming increasingly widespread, certainly do not help. Their temporary effect “tricks” the body but does not prevent progressive psycho-physical wear and tear. The only effective remedies remain natural ones, because no product can make up for a wrong lifestyle and nothing can recharge our batteries like proper and correct rest.

Mattress made with dual BioCeramic Technology (FIR).
Energy Memory is the new generation mattress that benefits from the “dual” BioCeramic (FIR) technology, integrated into the Memory and RESISTEX cover fabric. Highly ergonomic, it is recommended for individuals who have a very intense sporting activity and are attentive to the recovery of psychophysical energy during the resting phase.

Structure composition
2 cm Memory BioCeramic*
3 cm Memory
15 cm Flexible Foam

* bio-ceramics can reproduce the FIRs emitted by the sun (far infrared rays), i.e. a type of short electromagnetic waves belonging to the spectrum of sunlight and similar to its invisible radiation, in that they are able to penetrate to a depth of 4/5 cm and vibrate at the same frequency as the human body. Resistex is a fibre that has a beneficial effect on the human body. A unique technology that maintains a constant body temperature, ensuring freshness and comfort during sleep. You can feel the result!

Degree Lift : Medium-Soft
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : BioCeramic
Materials : Memory BioCeramic, Memory, Flexible Foam

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