Dolcevita Memory HD


The Dolcevita articulating mattress is the only one with an integrated system that uses the latest technology to guarantee every requirement in terms of comfort and well-being. Thanks to the stabilising bar, the Dolcevita mattress does not require a bed base, but can be placed on any support base.
Dolcevita, thanks to its International Patent, is certainly one of the leading products in the industry, offering the highest standards of safety, functionality and robustness. Unique features combined with maximum comfort for absolute relaxation.

Articulated MemoryFoam mattress, in two posture variants..

Extra movement and comfort in a mattress. With gentle curves and a modern silhouette, Dolcevita is carefully balanced to encourage pleasant movement thanks to its soft curves. An original design for a mattress made using the latest technology, certified, with a device integrated into the structure. Dolcevita is an elegant piece of furniture with large dimensions, which not only delimits the space for the person, but also creates a protected dimension where one can indulge in a high feeling of comfort.

Thanks to the supplied remote control, the Dolcevita mattress offers a movement that anatomically follows the shape of the body.
A light tap on the remote control to:
• lift the back area to be able to watch television or read a book in comfort.
• lift the leg area to assume the position of maximum relaxation, especially suitable for those with blood circulation problems.

Structure composition
5 cm Memory HD shaped
6 cm Flexible Foam
Articulated bed base

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : Space
Materials : Memory HD, Flexible Foam

1 - Memory HD
High-density Memory HD supports the body by reducing pressure points and providing high sleeping quality. Memory HD offers a sustained posture, suitable for people with a large body structure or for those who wish to sleep on a firm but cosy mattress.
2 - Flexible Foam
Flexible Foam is an extremely versatile polymer used to create a wide range of products. Indeed, many essential items for our daily well-being are made with the numerous components of the polyurethane family. Thanks to modern technology, today we can make foams with an expanding agent of natural origin. This new generation of products is very different from those of a few years ago, as they have no inorganic fillers or substances harmful to the environment, plus they are hypoallergenic, resistant and ergonomic. Another important feature is the high non-deformability associated with a good level of elasticity and excellent breathability. Indeed, good foam must absorb moisture and release it in a short time.
3 - Articulated bed base

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