Air Salus Firm Space


Memory foam mattress.
Air Salus, offered in Sustained variant, is the mattress for consumers who are constantly looking for an innovative product with maximum freshness. Adaptable to any type of support. Today, it is even more ergonomic thanks to its design that allows the spine to be stretched correctly while resting..
With Space cover that allows direct contact with the core of the mattress, making the benefits in posture more appreciated.


The design of the first layer in Thermo Breeze is conceived to ensure optimal body posture when resting. The second Memory layer accommodates and cushions the pressures exerted in the areas of greatest contact.

Structure composition
1 cm Memory Thermo Breeze* / shaped 
4 cm Memory
15 cm Firm Flexible Foam

* Today, thanks to research, Memory has evolved into Viscoelastics with “microencapsulation” technology (Phase Changing Material); these are intelligent heat accumulators that exploit the physical phenomenon of phase transition to absorb latent thermal energy flows and store a large amount of energy, maintaining a constant temperature, and returning the heat to the outside during a subsequent temperature drop. High-performance viscoelastics can thermoregulate the areas in contact with the human body at rest, creating the ideal microclimate.

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : Space
Materials : Memory Thermo Breeze, Memory, Flexible Foam

Thanks to the unique technique of volumetric processing and three-dimensional fabric, able to amplify its comfort, the Space cover allows you to reap all the benefits of the material used to create the internal structure of the mattress.
To enjoy true restorative rest and an overall feeling of well-being.
The new cover without padding mainly reserved for Memory mattresses with fabric with three-dimensional processing for optimal air passage.
The new Warp-Knitted fabric band, with its modern plaid pattern, is interposed between the two parts under-cover. The cover is washable in washing machine, at the temperatures indicated, for a mattress that is always fresh and clean.
The advantages of the new SPACE cover:
- The three-dimensional fabric accommodates the body by placing it in contact with the material.
- Removable and washable thanks to the practical opening zip on four sides that allows the two pieces to be washed independently.

Cover fabric Space
Cover Removable
Washing 30°
Handles 4 in Warp-knitted
Hinge 4-sided concealed

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