Perfecto Soft Cashmere


Mattress made of original, fresh and ergonomic memory foam.
Perfecto, offered in Soft variant is the mattress for a consumer who is constantly looking for an innovative product with maximum freshness. Adaptable to any type of support. Today, it is even more ergonomic thanks to its “physiotherapeutic” design that allows the spine to be stretched correctly while resting.
With Cashmere cover, the lining feels soft, silky and velvety to the touch, suitable for all seasons.


Perfecto is an innovative mattress made of 3 layers of different materials with 9 zones differentiated.
The first layer of Memory Breeze in direct contact with the body provides maximum comfort, the second layer in DryTech ensures a constant exchange of air and the third layer in Pur-O is extremely elastic and non-deformable.

Structure composition
5 cm Fresh  Memory Breeze* / shaped
2 cm DryTech**
14 cm Pur-O Soft Green***

MemoryBreeze is the advanced foam with all the “memory” characteristics of the popular MemoryFoam, but featuring an open cell structure that ensures faster and more comfortable return. The new “physiotherapeutic” processing supports the relaxation of the spine at every single point. MemoryBreeze is characterised by an open cell that ensures a faster return, thus allowing optimal moisture circulation and making the mattress more breathable and healthy. MemoryBreeze adapts perfectly to the anatomical shape of the body, offering a compression-free rest.

** DryTech is a fully open cell foam (with high reticulation), guaranteeing thermal insulation between the support used and the body temperature. With its structure, DryTech provides constant air renewal to the body as it moves, guaranteeing maximum breathability. Indeed, the moisture generated by the body while sleeping goes through the open cells of the grid-like structure and quickly evaporates. DryTech is an excellent sleeping system, utterly comfortable, thanks to its elasticity, support and non-deformable material.

*** Pur-O is a clean foam that combines the qualities of ergonomics, elasticity and breathability and gives them back in the form of relaxation and well-being.

Degree Lift : Soft
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : Cashmere
Materials : Memory HD, DryTech, Pur-O, Hypoallergenic Fibre

Cashmere is an incredibly light fibre characterised by a high thermal insulation capacity against both cold and heat. It is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the goat native to the mountainous regions of Asia.
Brilliant and soft to the touch, Cashmere gives the cover properties that are ten times lighter and more insulating than wool, because the inside of its fibre works like an air chamber, preventing abrupt temperature changes during sleep.
Cashmere padding also increases breathability (eliminates moisture produced by the body) possessing thermoregulatory characteristics and offering high resilience.

Cover fabric Cashmere
2-sided padding Hypoallergenic fibre
Cover Removable
Washing 30°
Handles 4 in Warp-knitted
Hinge 4-sided concealed

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