Core 13


For a fresh rest the WaterGel side thanks to its temperature-sensitive characteristics, generates the perception of coolness during sleep.

Structure Memory + WaterGel
Removable cover Tencel
Measures 70x40x13
Lining Cotton Jersey
Washable Lining 30°

The latest generation of temperature-sensitive WaterGel® Memory; it is an innovative material that is soft and pleasant to the touch. The structure is made by numerous cells that promote air circulation and prevent the stagnation of heat and moisture. WaterGel® makes the pillows cool, ergonomic, breathable and crushproof. Particularly suitable for people who suffer from allergies, since they are completely hypoallergenic, thanks also to its Tencel outer coating. Certified Medical Device Class I-CE.

Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Non-removable covers
Covers : Tencel, Jersey Cotton
Materials : Memory, WaterGel

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