Pigalle Removable Covers


Pigalle provides perfect support for regenerating sleep. The natural, soft padding designed for perfect comfort guarantees maximum breathability during sleep. This mattress is designed to maintain its characteristics over time, promoting correct posture.


Air-conditioned mattress with “massaging effect” foam layers
Mattress with 800 independent springs in removable versions. Quilted with a modern concept, handcrafted, with natural padding that offers a pleasant feeling of softness. Highly breathable as a result of its climate control sides, it guarantees an ideal microclimate throughout your sleep.

Summer Side
Natural padding for absolute relaxation in Line.
Linen is very resistant and hygroscopic. This means it is the ideal cooling sheet since it is capable of absorbing and releasing moisture.
Linen fibres transport air in a completely natural way, which is why they offer the feeling of coolness on contact with the skin. Hypoallergenic, for the most sensitive skin.

Winter Side
Natural padding for absolute relaxation in Camel Hair.
Camel Hair is one of the warmest natural fibres; being light and soft like Alpaca, camel hair provides premium comfort, is hypoallergenic and maintains constant temperature and humidity to preserve body temperature. Fineness and softness make this wool an excellent thermal insulator.

Structure composition
3 cm Flexible foam / shaped
800 Independent springs
3 cm Flexible foam / shaped
Reinforced perimeter box

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Temperature control, Removable cover
Covers : Jacquard
Materials : Flexible Foam, Springs 800, Camel Hair, Fresh Linen, Memory

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