Supremo Thermo 1600


Air-conditioned mattress with removable topper with variable temperature.
The mattress that transforms according to the season by simply flipping the top over.
The particularity of this cover is that it has a double cover on the topper: the upper part in hypoallergenic fabric for the winter side and the lower part covered with Polar Fresh fabric, which guarantees a cool feeling, ideal for the warmer seasons.


The elegance of the Clima cover brings with it tradition and pleasantness combined with the performance of technical mattresses. The mattress with the innovative double-sided cover, for the discerning customer to select a “classic” product with state-of-the-art technology.

The hands turn quickly, time passes and the seasons change. We don't turn the mattress over with the winter side in time, and suddenly it's already summer! The heat, the sultriness, while sleeping... will now no longer be a problem. Of course, even for the most cold-hearted in winter, the problem arises, but in reverse. Thanks to its “double-sided” air-conditioned topper, Supremo Thermo can be the ideal solution for these situations, creating the ideal climate in both winter and summer.

Structure composition
4 cm Fresh Memory Breeze*
1600 Micro Springs
2 cm White Flexible Foam
Reinforced perimeter box

* MemoryBreeze is characterised by an open cell that ensures a faster return, thus allowing optimal moisture circulation and making the mattress more breathable and healthy. MemoryBreeze adapts perfectly to the anatomical shape of the body, offering a compression-free rest.

Degree Lift : Calibrated
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Temperature control, Removable cover
Covers : Clima
Materials : Memory Breeze, Springs 1600, Flexible Foam, Hypoallergenic Fibre

The cover that transforms according to the season by simply flipping the top over
The Clima cover incorporates two technologies in a single mattress. On the one hand a soft and breathable fabric and on the other hand a fabric with new technology, that will feel cool to the touch for summer.
The feature of this cover is that it has a double covering on the top, on one side we have a hypoallergenic fabric and on the other a technical fabric that feels cool to the touch, suitable for warmer periods.

Winter side of the Top in hypoallergenic fabric with damask design.
Summer side in fresh fabric Polar Fresh suitable for warmer periods.
Summer cover fabric Polar Fresh
Winter cover fabric White Classic
Padding Hypoallergenic
Cover Removable
Washing 30°
Handles 4 in Warp-knitted
Hinge 4-sided concealed

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