Therapy Thermo Gel 1600 Tencel


Mattress with a firm but cosy posture.
With Tencel cover. Tencel is a natural cellulose fibre obtained from the wood of the Eucalyptus tree, which provides your skin with a feeling of freshness and excellent body moisture control.

Therapy Thermo Gel is suitable for those seeking an air-conditioned mattress thanks to the use of Memory Polar Gel for the summer side and shaped Memory Blu Fresh for the winter side. The central support is available in 1600 Micro springs with 7 zones of differentiated bearing capacity.

Structure composition
3 cm Memory Polar Gel*
1600 Micro Springs
2,5 cm Memory Blue Fresh** / shaped
Reinforced perimeter box

* Memory Polar Gel è is a special hyper-breathable foam that has a colder temperature of its own than any other material used for sleeping. Polar Gel has the property of greatly reducing perspiration during the night by counteracting the rise in body temperature, dispersing excess heat and thereby also promoting blood circulation.

** Memory Blu Fresh helps stimulate blood circulation. It is a foam made from raw materials derived from renewable sources; a product that combines breathability and comfort. Thanks to the ”massage” effect design, it provides a pleasant effect during rest, stimulating the body's blood circulation.

Degree Lift : Calibrated
Mattress : Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : Tencel
Materials : Memory Polar Gel, Springs 1600, Memory Blu Fresh, Hypoallergenic Fibre

Hypoallergenic: because bacteria are born in humid conditions, TENCEL, by absorbing moisture, strongly reduces the formation of bacteria and even dust mites, and is therefore particularly suitable for sufferers of allergic rhinitis, asthma and eczema, because the growth of bacteria is restricted in a completely natural way.
Soft and durable, viscose-like feel, breathable, light and comfortable. The surface of TENCEL fabrics is smooth and elastic, soft and pleasant on the skin and is certainly ideal for all those with sensitive skin. In addition TENCEL absorbs more moisture than cotton, the fibrillar structure helps to create an optimal microclimate on leather.
Tencel™ is a fibre that comes directly from the heart of wood, a fibre of pure cellulose, 100% biodegradable. The production of fibre is extremely environmentally friendly, thanks to a patented closed-loop processing system, which starts from nature and returns to it in an absolutely environmentally friendly form. With this yarn it is possible to make extremely breathable and comfortable covers.

Cover fabric Tencel®
2-sided padding Hypoallergenic fibre
Cover Removable
Washing 30°
Handles 4 in Warp-knitted
Hinge 4-sided concealed

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