Round Spring


Bonnel spring mattress with sustained bearing capacity.

Size: 210x220 cm

Round Spring is a modern and innovative product built with 400 Bonnel springs. The “anti-conventional” design is particularly suited for trendy interiors; the medium-high yet comfortable support, designed for maximum comfort it guarantees correct slumber.

Structure composition
2 cm Flexible Foam
400 Bonnel Springs
2 cm Flexible Foam
Reinforced perimeter box

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Non-removable covers
Covers : Soft White
Materials : Flexible Foam, Springs 400, Hypoallergenic Fibre

Among the phenomena particularly in evidence in our daily living, we find a notable increase in allergic diseases. Of these, the most frequent are domestic ones, i.e. those that develop within the walls of the home and which are usually caused by mites and mould. Often underestimated and therefore neglected, these forms of allergic suffering can cause very annoying and sometimes important symptoms. Today, therefore, the covering of the mattress has reached a new level of importance, becoming a decisive element to ensure the right health and safety requirements.
The Soft White cover is made of technofibres. In textiles, techno-fibres have the advantage of being resistant to moisture, bacteria and mould, their appearance remains unaltered and they wear much less than natural fibres.
A safe way to counter the problem of allergies is to use linings or coverings that contain suitable fibres to hinder the colonisation of mites. Idormibene's new Soft White cover stays dry while sleeping preventing the build-up of heat and moisture, facilitating thermoregulation.

Cover fabric Soft White
2-sided padding Hypoallergenic fibre
Cover Non-Removable
Handles 4 in fabric

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