Roll Thermo Breeze


Mattress topper in Thermo Breeze, removable cover.

Tencel fibre is purely natural, 100% composed of cellulose that comprises the main part of plant cells.
The producti on process is environmentally friendly, the fibres are completely biodegradable and ecological in subsequent processing.
Like all natural fibres, to the touch, Tencel off ers the extremely appealing sensati on of soft ness. Comfort is also guaranteed by its excellent breathability, i.e. its capacity to let air through while absorbing moisture.

  • Ideal for sensiti ve skin and individuals with asthma.
  • It immediately absorbs and releases excess moisture.
  • It prevents the formati on of bacteria.
  • It does not cause rashes.
  • Excellent protecti on against mites.
Resistance : Soft
Coverings : Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic
Materials : ThermoBreeze

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