Ri.Genera Compact 1600


Idormibene's corporate philosophy is increasingly focused on sustainable economics. The overexploitation of natural resources and the pollution of ecosystems are changing the world irreversibly, so a radical change in corporate business models is needed. Idormibene wants to contribute to this change through the use and optimisation of carefully selected and, above all, recyclable raw materials that allow the “life of the product” to be extended.

The new Mattress, made of selected recycled and recyclable springs.

Close to nature, always.
With the “Ri.Genera Line” it is possible to have structures with 1600 Micro springs and 800 independent springs that are completely recyclable. This new Idormibene product line wants to propose a green and eco-friendly philosophy that can bring about a radical change in the rest market.

Structure composition
3 cm Flexible Foam*
1600 Independent springs
3 cm Flexible Foam
Reinforced perimeter box in Flexible Foam

* Our Flexible Foam has the characteristic of being “open cell”, thus being able to store a lot of air within its volume. This property makes it capable of withstanding various types of pressure without undergoing large deformations. Its elasticity and resilience make it one of the most popular soft and flexible materials.

Recycled fabric
Cover Fibre 30% recycled material and 50% recycled fabric according to GRS. For this reason, we are able to make use of the European-recognised mark; in fact, the fabric adopted bears the acronym itself.

Degree Lift : Calibrated
Mattress : Non-removable covers
Covers : Recycled
Materials : Hypoallergenic Fibre, Flexible Foam, Springs 1600

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