Active Plus - Silver


This mattress is designed for people who love sleeping on a firm yet enveloping bed. The 5 cm Viscoelastic winter side of Waterlily is like a warm, highly breathable embrace, while the Soy summer side, of natural origin, offers a less enveloping but elastic sleeping position.

Silver was the first known anti-bacterial agent. Its benefits were discovered centuries ago by the ancient Romans and and have been used up to modern day. Silver used to heal wounds also produces ananti-static effect that helps alleviate stress-related fatigue.
The Sliver cover is an exceptionally healthy choice for safe, deep and sound sleep.
Silver fights bacteria and mildew as you sleep thanks to the silver ions contained in the fabric, it therefore ensures extreme protection and freshness throughout the night. These are the advantages:

  • anti-bacterial
  • hygienic
  • odour-neutralising

The Silver cover offers temperature control, it is padded with linen and wool and is machine washable.

Resistance : Balanced
Support : Flexible Foam
Coverings : Temperature Control, Antibacterial
Materials : Viscoelastico Waterlily, Waterlily, Soia

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