Ergo Fiocco


With its unmistakable feel, this mattress was designed and manufactured for a demanding consumer who seeks quality and aesthetics; Ergo Fiocco does not merely support the body as it rests, but lives it, interpreting it and providing truly unique sensations.
Made entirely by hand, we use only the best materials and create handcrafted independent sprung mattresses to fulfil every wish and make dreams unique.

Handmade mattress with manual insertion of Cotton Flakes (Tufting products).
Mattress offered with 800 independent springs, with non-removable cover (compact). Quilted with a modern concept, handcrafted, with natural padding that offers a pleasant feeling of softness. Highly breathable as a result of its climate control sides, it guarantees an ideal microclimate throughout your sleep.

Summer Side
The rich, 100% natural padding of this handcrafted mattress is composed of refreshing Linen flakes on the summer side.

Winter Side
Camel Hair padding with high thermal properties on the winter side. In addition, they provide perfect thermal regulation, absorbing moisture and odours and offering unparalleled, pleasant softness.

The padding on both sides is completed by a Hypoallergenic Fibre flap for extraordinary comfort.

Structure composition
3 cm Flexible Foam
800 Independent springs
3 cm Flexible Foam
Reinforced perimeter box

Degree Lift : Extra Support
Mattress : Temperature control, Non-removable covers
Covers : Jacquard
Materials : Flexible Foam, Springs 800, Camel Hair, Fresh Linen

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