Therapy Thermo Gel 800 Cashmere


Mattress with a firm but cosy posture.
With Cashmere cover, the lining feels soft, silky and velvety to the touch, suitable for all seasons.

Therapy Thermo Gel is suitable for those seeking an air-conditioned mattress thanks to the use of Memory Polar Gel for the summer side and shaped Memory Blu Fresh for the winter side. The central support is available in 800 independent springs with 7 zones of differentiated bearing capacity.

Structure composition
3 cm Memory Polar Gel*
800 Independent springs
2,5 cm Memory Blue Fresh** / shaped
Reinforced perimeter box

* Memory Polar Gel è is a special hyper-breathable foam that has a colder temperature of its own than any other material used for sleeping. Polar Gel has the property of greatly reducing perspiration during the night by counteracting the rise in body temperature, dispersing excess heat and thereby also promoting blood circulation.

** Memory Blu Fresh helps stimulate blood circulation. It is a foam made from raw materials derived from renewable sources; a product that combines breathability and comfort. Thanks to the ”massage” effect design, it provides a pleasant effect during rest, stimulating the body's blood circulation.

Degree Lift : Sustained
Mattress : Hypoallergenic, Removable cover
Covers : Cashmere
Materials : Memory Polar Gel, Springs 800, Memory Blu Fresh, Hypoallergenic Fibre

Cashmere is an incredibly light fibre characterised by a high thermal insulation capacity against both cold and heat. It is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the goat native to the mountainous regions of Asia.
Brilliant and soft to the touch, Cashmere gives the cover properties that are ten times lighter and more insulating than wool, because the inside of its fibre works like an air chamber, preventing abrupt temperature changes during sleep.
Cashmere padding also increases breathability (eliminates moisture produced by the body) possessing thermoregulatory characteristics and offering high resilience.

Cover fabric Cashmere
2-sided padding Hypoallergenic fibre
Cover Removable
Washing 30°
Handles 4 in Warp-knitted
Hinge 4-sided concealed

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